The Brazilian blow dry is amazing! Before the treatment my hair was very dry, frizzy and hard to tame, (requiring straightening before fit for public viewing!) Now it is much easier to manage, requiring hardly any styling and it also looks really shiny and healthy.


Alison Reed

Crouch End


I am so pleased I had the Brazilian Blow Dry, my hair looks amazing! It’s so straight and silky, I literally just wash and go. A big thank you to Maria from My Brazilian Blow Dry!


Em Zarif

Winchmore Hill


Maria from My Brazilian Blow Dry worked her magic on my unruly hair! I really am amazed by how smooth and hassle free my hair is after the Brazilian blow dry. It takes hardly anytime to blow dry now and I don’t have to use straighteners every morning.


Stephanie Roberts

Mill Hill


I had the Brazilian blow dry done yesterday and I have just washed my hair this morning. I didn’t need to use straighteners and it looks shiny and in fantastic condition! I would really recommend it to those of you addicted to your GHD’s


Alison Stevens

St Albans


This treatment is amazing! The condition of my has improved dramatically and it takes half the time to style then before the treatment.


Sarah Hearfield



I am amazed at how well this treatment has worked on my once unruly coarse curly hair. Before the treatment it used to take me an hour to blow dry and straighten (every day) and now it takes me 20 minutes! I will definitely be booking this treatment again.


Jill Stringer